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Shippax Award 2006

Ferry Concept
It is exciting for the world to see the launch of something so radically new, especially when it also happens to be the largest of its kind.

Ferry Concept
Combining efficiency with elegance and comfort as well as maintaining continuity with the owner's renowned design conciousness, this ship is clasically nautical without recourse to frivolous or inappropriate idioms, yet definitely in touch with the Twenty First Century ideals and lifestyles.

Ferry Lounges
Showing an exceptionally high accommodation and interior design standard, she also offers a wider range of public amenities than many of her contemporaries serving on domestic routes in Japan.

Ferry Lounges
Definitely a vibrant interior, in marked contrast to traditional onboard scenery aboard ferries of her class, she appears to show the benefit of being created by architects normally uninvolved in marine work but nonetheless experienced in other modes of transport.

Ferry Technology
For hullform development, including the "Flexbow" to make the vessel even more fuel efficient, reaching a service speed of 24 knots on an output of only 21,600 kW.

Ferry Exterior
In an age of boxy-looking ferries created in the quest for ever greater efficiency and revenue earning potential, it comes as blessed relief to see the warm beauty of a handsome and functional vessel with smooth hull lines built to serve in an area known for harsh climate.

Cruise Sundeck
This lengthening and extensive refit of a still modern cruise ship to bring her into an altogether disctinctively different class of service, with many added features and activities, brings the vessel fully up to the standard of the latest newbuildings to join the family brand.

Cruise Cabin
A prototype Convertible Balcony Stateroom features a living space at the ship's side that can become part of the cabin interior or of the veranda by rotation of a motorised bowed glass wall section either inwards or outwards.

Cruise Concept
Separating passenger accommodation from the entire propulsion plant and propellers by adopting an accommodation barge and pusher tug approach, noise and vibration are eliminated, and the passenger experience of this tranquil river operation enriched.

Cruise Technology
For the real-time restaurant information system, abundantly available on video screens throughout the ship, providing seating availability and other useful guidance to passengers, optimising the use of dining facilities.

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