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Shippax Award 2024

The announcement and hand-over of the Shippax Awards 2024 took place in conjunction with the Shippax Ferry Conference, held on board BALTIC QUEEN, 13-15 May, 2024.

And the winners were:



"As the prototype ship of Finnlines' new Superstar-Class Ro-Pax vessels, FINNSIRIUS successfully combines size, innovation, environmental responsibility and passenger comfort.
Her modern hybrid drive system with 5 MWh of energy storage helps to reduce fuel consumption and, along with her shore connection, allows for quiet and emission-free port stays, while the enormous capacity of 5,200 lanemetres ensure a highly efficient and thus climate-friendly transport of all kinds of cargo.
Many details, such as an air lubrication system, contribute to turn FINNSIRIUS into one of the 'greenest' Ro-Pax vessels existing. At the same time she offers superior passenger accommodation and a thrilling choice of public spaces rarely seen on cargo-focused Ro-Pax vessels so far.
Moreover, the crew quarters are noteworthy: Generous in size and complete with gym and sauna, they turn FINNSIRIUS into a truly attractive workplace at sea."

This award was presented to:

Operator/owner: Finnlines
Shipyard: CMI Jinling Weihai
Naval architect: Knud E. Hansen and Deltamarin
Interior design: dSign Vertti Kivi & Co


"Being the first newbuilt vessel commissioned by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company after a 25 years break, MANXMAN stands out as a truly innovative Ro-Pax in the 'medium range' segment with crossing times of around four hours. Thanks to a clever use of space, she successfully caters for the needs of very diverse categories of passengers - actually even giving her operation to the Isle of Man a touch of cruising.
Surprising features of MANXMAN include balcony cabins (else rarely found onboard ferries, all the more on relatively short crossings), the Paws Pet Lounges and the Executive Club Lounge with its outstanding mixture of sofas, armchairs, table seating and fully reclining sleeping pods. She also dedicates much space to families. Despite a relatively modest size she manages to combine entertainment, room for families and quiet spaces. Technologically, the hybrid diesel electric propulsion helps to improve efficiency and to reduce emissions.
Having contracted the MANXMAN in Korea, the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company illustrate that even smaller Ro-Pax operators can successfully manage newbuilding projects in Asia, thereby combining British ship design excellence with the efficiency and experience of Far Eastern shipbuilding."

This award was presented to:

Operator/owner: Isle of Man Steam Packet
Shipyard: Hyundai Mipo Dockyard
Naval architects: Houlder
Interior design: SMC Design



"EARTH CLIPPER is the first of three hybrid catamarans of Uber Boat by Thames Clippers. She illustrates what sophisticated, sustainable water transportation in metropolitan areas can look like.
Her hybrid design allows the vessel to operate solely on battery power while transporting passengers through the centre of London, and applying biofueled power outside of the centre. The sailing time outside the central London stretch is also used to recharge the batteries using excess power, making EARTH CLIPPER independent from shore-based charging.
As the installed batteries added a lot of weight, much effort was required to achieve a compensation through a reduction of weight elsewhere. Fortunately, this was not at the expense of passenger comfort - with her comfortable accommodation and bright panorama windows, EARTH CLIPPER is an attractive choice for commuters as much as for sightseers. And, ultimately, she is also the quietest boat ever operated by her owners so far."

This award was presented to:

Operator/owner: Uber Boat by Thames Clippers
Shipyard: Wight Shipyard
Naval architect: One2Three Naval Architects



"With much attention paid to each and every detail of her sophisticated design, FUTURE WAY stands out as a hallmark for optimisation and progress in the Ro-Ro sector. Her multi-fuel engines allow for an operation on LNG, LBG, diesel and synthetic diesel, combining low emissions with a maximum of operational flexibility.
Featuring an aerodynamically optimized bow, configurated battery-ready and fitted with shore power connections, the design of FUTURE WAY does everything possible to bring down the ship's energy consumption and emissions. The innovative ramp system is engineered to streamline port operations to shorten port stays, enabling the vessel to maintain slower speeds at sea.
Eventually, the design of FUTURE WAY allows to develop and enhance the ship further during its lifetime in line with technologic progress. This may result in a longer lifespan than currently customary for Ro-Ro vessels - another important contribution to save resources."

This award was presented to:

Owner: Wallenius Lines
Shipyard: CIMC Raffles
Naval architect: Knud E. Hansen and Wallenius Marine


"Equipped with Oceanwings wingsails in summer 2023 - i.e. about half a year after her inauguration - CANOPÉE stands out as the first commercial application of the Oceanwings concept and, in proportion to her main propulsion system, as a vessel harnessing the wind more than any other modern ship.
Apart from the fuel savings achieved onboard, the CANOPÉE also make an important contribution to 'test' and further develop wind propulsion as a promising element on the road to climate neutral shipping.
Adapted to the specific requirements of carrying the Ariane 6 rockets, CANOPÉE is undertaking up to eleven return trips to French Guiana every year.
It is estimated that the use of wind power on these voyages will help reduce the ship's average annual fuel consumption by as much as 30 percent."

This award was presented to:

Operator: Alizés
Owner: Jifmar Guyane
Shipyard: Neptune Shipyards
Naval architect: VPLP Design and Groot Ship Design


Robert Clifford

"As the Founder and Chairman of the Incat group of companies, Robert "Bob" Clifford is truly a genuine, unique and original character of the passenger shipping industry, and standing out as a pioneer of the global high-speed sector.
Having built his very first boat already as a teenager, Bob initially launched his business in his backyard before expanding it to a commercial operation culminating in the establishment of International Catamarans in 1977 - the venture which later evolved into Incat. Over the following decades Robert Clifford masterminded many innovative high-speed crafts, while he at the same time managed to take Incat through commercially rough waters and secure its existence as one of few remaining high-speed builders worldwide. Throughout the impressive development of Incat Bob always retained his individual character, standing out as a person easy to talk to, with a distinctive kind of humor, always open to new ideas and other views. His unparalleled knowledge, experience and business instinct correlate with the talents of an entertainer, turning Bob into a popular face at every gathering of 'ferry people'. Robert Clifford has definitely taken passenger transportation at sea in general, and more specifically the high-speed sector, a huge step forward."

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