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Shippax Award 2007

Outstanding Ferry Vehicle Deck
For vehicle deck and stern access configuration, adopting a single 23-metre-wide stern ramp and door giving straight-line accessing to all eight lanes of the columnless main deck, itself within a double shell to either side enclosing the aft mooring flats at the upper deck level in addition to housing the engine uptakes and other vertical cores.

Outstanding Ferry Propulsion
For gas-electric propulsion achieving a relatively high service speed for fjord ferries of this class, and which is environmentally-friendly with output of pollutants minimized, particle and dust emissions and black fumes virtually eliminated.

Outstanding Ferry Technology
For the innovative adoption of a large-ship-type power plant approach with diesel-driven generator sets powering all propulsion and maneuvering devices to meet the needs of a modest-sized ferry.

Outstanding Cruise Exterior
For the continuous and virtually uninterrupted expanse of full-height fenestration completely surrounding the ship's sun deck. The floor-to-ceiling window panes are clamped in place as a curtain wall, doing away with the customary need for individual frames and thereby creating an unspoiled panoramic view.

Outstanding Cruise Sundeck
For the pool and sun decks as a further development beyond the concepts introduced in the earlier VOYAGER class. New features such as the H2O Zone, FlowRider surf simulator, glass-bottomed whirlpool tanks extended out beyond the superstructure's sides and Nikki de Saint Phalle abstract sculptures truly take full creative advantage of the new class's greater size.

Outstanding Cruise Lounges
For the nightclub which is designed to serve during the daytime as a sports bar and in the evenings as a spacious though cosy night club with the unusual boudoir feature of four-poster beds upholstered as settees where passengers can literally lounge and relax.

Outstanding Ro-Ro Logistics Concept
For an innovative and flexible con-ro configuration, allowing mixed-mode short-sea operation on a fast turnaround basis, carrying both ro-ro and lo-lo cargoes with all decks, including the tank tops, simultaneously accessible from a full-beam stern ramp and door, also with wide lo-lo access to the forward and aft zones at all decks, and with the main deck aft having an 8-metre free height.

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