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Shippax Award 2009

Ferry Concept
For a large high-speed cruise ferry with extensive cabin accommodations and public facilities, including a full-service casino, of a cruise ship standard, and also with a remarkably large lane metre ro-ro intake, enabling considerable economies of scale compared with the previous generation.
Owner: Grimaldi Lines
Builder: Fincantieri
Designer: Studio de Jorio

Ferry Concept
For a high-performance ferry concept that consolidates the services of several former vessels with two larger and faster 27-knot sister ships, designed to minimise turnaround times in port and the number of crew on board, and for rational modern exterior styling conveying a sense of speed and efficiency.
Owner: Color Line
Builder: STX Europe
Designer: Falkum Hansen Design

Ferry Interior
For an appealingly functional modern layout and architectural design of passenger accommodations and public areas, featuring innovative double-height public spaces forward, aft and amidships, attractive curved open staircases in the forward and aft lounges and the main lobby.
Owner: Balearia
Builder: Astillero Barreras
Designer: Oliver Design

Ferry Conversion
For a very extensive rebuilding of the former Japanese ferry SUNFLOWER TSUKUBA for European service with the accommodation significantly upgraded from the original and the ANEK-look exterior giving no hint of her former guise.
Owner: ANEK Lines
Naval Architect: Athanasios Kapoukis

Ferry Exterior
For a modern exterior style of a timelessly classic form, with strong sense of cohesive form and balance among the hull, superstructure and funnel elements, and without the addition of unnecessary stylistic elements.
Owner: Viking Line
Builder: STX Europe

Cruise Interiors
For a distinctly pan-European architectural design that is contemporary and pays tribute to various European styles including Art Nouveau, Gaudi and Genovese, with individual area themes ranging from traditional Italianate to refined high-tech contemporary, as a remarkably refreshing departure from the styles of comparable recent American-market newbuildings, though succeeding nonetheless to include a Tex-Mex restaurant.
Owner: MSC Cruises
Builder: STX Europe
Designer: Studio de Jorio

Cruise Interiors
For introducing new thinking to the public amenities, including most notably the double-height Celebrity Central Entertainment Court with shops and the photo gallery above, and on its main level opening up directly to the discotheque and with a small amphitheatre for informal entertainment of its own, arranged so the two spaces can either be used in combination or separately.
Owner: Celebrity Cruises
Builder: Meyer Werft
Designer: (several)

Cruise Technology
For a highly comprehensive range of energy conservation measures, including the industry’s first solar energy installation aboard a passenger ship, optimised hullform and underwater silicon coating to reduce resistance and friction, strong emphasis of energy-efficient fluorescent and LED lighting, high-glaze glass to minimise heat transfer and reduce HVAC load, Advanced Seawater Purification (ASP) etc, and a Team Earth information centre aboard the ship to inform passengers on environmental Issues.
Owner: Celebrity Cruises
Builder: Meyer Werft

Ro-ro Concept
For a combination of functions that allows this ship to transport airframe assemblies for the Airbus A380 airliner in the 11.1m high main deck, and at other times to carry up to 800 cars on 7 decks, of which three cardeck levels are hoistable.
Owner: Louis Dreyfus/Leif Höegh
Builder: Singapore Technology

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