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Adved value

The honest truth is, yes, we want to sell you an advertisement. But not only that, in return, we want to give you more than publicity.

In our position, we know a lot about the industry. We are often involved in conducting independent research reports and are speakers at international conferences. Make use of our knowledge - with our compliments.

As an advertiser, from the moment you book your advertisement, and right up until the time it appears, provided you have booked at ordinary rate, you will be entitled to the following added value:

Free Shippax CFI!
Of course is the publication you advertise in included in the price, but also a complimentary trial subscription to our monthly magazine Shippax CFI. If you are already a regular subscriber, why not have a copy sent to your home address? Or to a colleague?
With each subscription you can apply for a complimentary password to our online news service featuring all recent news as it happens, and with free access to our news archive.

Free Photos!
Should you need a photo or two for use in your advertisement, you can borrow these from us. No charge! If you need anything further, we can fix it at cost price.

Free Advice!
Call us whenever you need to check any specific information stemming from the market.

Free Information!
We have an extensive database. Do you need to produce a market report for your company? A lot of the information you need may be only a few "clicks" away in our computer; then you'll get it for free. If you need a more complex research study, you will be one of our priority clients.

Please contact advertising for more information.

"We are not selling an insertion; we are selling a concept"


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Shippax Market 16

Market reports & outlook


Shippax Guide 16

Atlantic Container Line - ATLANTIC STAR


Shippax CFI

Our monthly magazine + Online Access. 1 year subscription.


Shippax Database - Single user

Shippax Database online


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