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EXPRESS 1 © Bornholmslinjen

EXPRESS 1 © Bornholmslinjen

EXPRESS 1 will stay in Bornholm service

High-speedWith an approved supplementary contract from the Danish Ministry of Transport, it has become official that EXPRESS 1 will replace MAX as the high-capacity ferry to Bornholm.

It has been expected for a long time - but has now become official. With an approved additional contract, the Danish Ministry of Transport has fulfilled the wish of the people of Bornholm to keep EXPRESS 1 as a high-capacity ferry alongside the upcoming EXPRESS 5.

"With EXPRESS 1 and Express 5, we can all have high expectations for the opportunities to push the positive development on Bornholm even further", says Molslinjen's managing director, Carsten Jensen.

EXPRESS 1's stay on Bornholm has required an addendum to the contract for sailing to Bornholm. EXPRESS 1 is a significantly more expensive ferry, and since there was no prospect of more subsidies from the Danish Ministry of Transport, an alternative solution had to be found.

The solution was that the tickets for EXPRESS 1, corresponding to the capacity on MAX, are sold within the contract. The last part of the capacity on EXPRESS 1 could be sold entirely commercially at Bornholmlinjen’s risk.

"We believe and hope that we can sell the extra tickets - and at prices that the people of Bornholm already know in the high seasons", says Carsten Jensen.

The contract with the Ministry of Transport initially runs for one year - after which both parties must evaluate the scheme.

"That way we get it tested, so we can see if our calculations for the traffic are correct", concludes Carsten Jensen.      

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Feb 24 2023

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