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EMERALD KAIA © Emerald Cruises

EMERALD KAIA © Emerald Cruises

Scenic Group unveils its next luxury yacht, EMERALD KAIA

CruiseScenic Group has unveiled its next generation luxury ocean yacht for Emerald Cruises', an enlarged version of the two Vietnamese-built sister ships EMERALD AZZURRA and EMERALD SAKARA. Whilst the two sisters measure 110 metres in length and have a capacity for 100 passengers, EMERALD KAIA grows to 120 metres and increases its passenger capacity to 128.

The Sky Deck has been expanded, now incorporating a new internal Sky Lounge, and offering guests a luxurious open-air experience alongside expansive panoramic view. All cabins and suites boast a 10 percent larger floorplan, offering guests extra comfort through more spacious and contemporary accommodations. With enhanced dining venues, reimagined gym, spa, and wellness features, EMERALD KAIA promises an unrivaled superyacht experience to sought-after coastlines from the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Aegean Seas to the Seychelles.

Guests will discover surprises throughout the yacht's spacious architecture, Observation Sun Deck on the bow, Sky Deck cabanas, Sky Bar, and multiple dining experiences. The sophisticated marina, now enhanced with an interior lounge, additional water sports offerings and access to swim to the marina from an open-air gym, blends experiences of luxury and adventure. An expanded Elements Spa caters to those who value wellness as part of their luxurious escape and reflects a broader focus for the brand on nurturing the mind, body, and spirit.

EMERALD KAIA will set sail in April 2026.

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Apr 12 2024

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