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SUNFLOWER KAMUY © Ferry Sunflower

SUNFLOWER KAMUY © Ferry Sunflower

Naming and launching ceremony held for SUNFLOWER KAMUY

FerryThe naming and launching ceremony was held for the first of two LNG-fuelled ferries being built at the Naikai Zosen shipyard. Named SUNFLOWER KAMUY, it will be delivered in December 2024 and is slated to enter service on the late-night Oarai-Tomakomai route operated by MOL Sunflower in early 2025.

The second, yet-unnamed, of the two new vessels is scheduled to enter service on the same route within 2025.

With the addition of these vessels, the MOL Group will operate a fleet of four LNG-fuelled ferries on east-west routes in Japan by 2025, joining the SUNFLOWER KURENAI and SUNFLOWER MURASAKI, which went into service on the Osaka-Beppu route in 2023.

The vessel will be able to reduce CO2 emissions by about 35% compared to currently in-service vessels on the Hokkaido route by adopting various state-of-the-art technologies in addition to LNG fuel, thereby contributing to the reduction of overall CO2 emissions.

In addition, the MOL Group will promote Japan's "Modal Shift" and strive to solve the "2024 problem of logistics," by expanding the loading space for trucks compared to the currently in-service vessels and providing more comfortable space for truck drivers by making all cabins private rooms.

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Apr 12 2024

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