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MAXICASTER delivers onboard entertainment for Salen Ship Management with latest RF based video solutions

MAXICASTER has successfully deployed its latest RF based Playout module across ISLAND SKY and HEBRIDEAN SKY, both fully managed by Salen Ship Management. The playout module works across both RF as well as IP networks allowing operators to offer premium passenger and crew services independent of the onboard network.

This enables seamless and uninterrupted broadcasting anywhere at sea without relying on internet protocol.

The MAXICASTER Playout Module offers Salen Ship Management a flexible and scalable solution for delivering a comprehensive range of video solutions, including Live TV, server-based channels, near VOD as well the ability to curate and schedule vessel specific channels from a mix of live TV, video files and onboard cameras.

Premium entertainment delivery is often synonymous with a full IP network, so utilizing the existing RF network provided Salen with a cost-effective approach which ensured an evolution path if and when a CMTS or ethernet cabling upgrade was planned.

"We are very happy to partner with MAXICASTER and integrate their cutting-edge Playout Modular solution into our fleet" said Daniel Perman, COO of Salen Ship Management. "By leveraging RF networks, we can provide an uninterrupted entertainment experience for our passengers while navigating through various regions, including those with limited or no internet connectivity."

Andrew Brown "It has been fantastic working with the Salen team. They are clearly focused on enhancing the passenger experience across all aspects of the operation, which sits well with our own objectives. We look forward to continually pushing the boundaries on passenger satisfaction together in the years to come.

May 25 2023

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