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© The Norwegian Ship Design Company

© The Norwegian Ship Design Company

Hvide Sande Shipyard to build a 4 MWh electric ferry for Torghatten

FerryThe Danish Hvide Sande Shipyard will build a new 50-metre all-electric ferry for Torghatten, the largest to date for the yard. The 4 MWh-battery ferry will have a capacity of 30 cars and up to 149 passengers and will operate in the Tromsø area north of the Arctic Circle. The project is already well underway, and the hull (158) is expected to be delivered to Hvide Sande in the summer of 2025 so that outfitting can begin.

"Torghatten is a very qualified customer, and this has been evident throughout the process. They know exactly what they want and what they do not want. It is a great advantage for a project like this that both parties know what is required," says Carl Erik Kristensen, CEO of Seasight Group. "We look forward to working together and delivering a good quality vessel to Torghatten on time."

This is not the first time that Hvide Sande Shipyard has built an electric ferry. The technology is therefore well known and there has been good experience with similar ferries, one of which was built for Torghatten's sister company Molslinjen.

"The difference lies in the fact that the upcoming construction involves a battery pack of almost 4 MWh, which is about four times larger than what we have built so far. We are therefore looking forward to applying our experience with the basic concept on a larger scale," says the yard's COO, Jeppe Hoff.

Torghatten is also excited about the collaboration: "It is important to develop and strengthen competence in new and environmentally friendly ship technology in Scandinavia. We are therefore very pleased to have landed this contract with a Danish shipyard," says Marius Hansen, CEO of Torghatten Nord.

The design of the NSD 30CFc is the work of The Norwegian Ship Design Company, who will also be doing both the basic and detail design.

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Jun 10 2024

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