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PRINCE. Photo © George Giannakis

PRINCE. Photo © George Giannakis

European Seaways confirm sale of PRINCE, place BRIDGE on Brindisi-Valona line

FerryAthens-based European Seaways Inc. have confirmed the sale of their ro-pax ferry PRINCE to Africa Morocco Links SA (AML). "The 28th December has been the last day of PRINCE under our ownership", European Seaways' CEO, John Arkoumanis, told Shippax on Wednesday night, adding the transfer of ownership had just been completed. PRINCE, which ultimately operated between Brindisi and Valona for European Seaways, had abandoned the Adriatic Sea after Christmas and arrived near Piraeus on 27th December in preparation for her hand-over to the new owners.

AML are expected to inaugurate the 1980-built vessel on their service between Algeciras and Tangier Med early in 2017. The sales price of PRINCE - , which has had a long career with DSB Rederi and Scandlines as the PRINS JOACHIM before its transfer to the Med in June in June 2016 - was not disclosed.

According to John Arkoumanis, European Seaways will for the time being continue with a fleet of two ships, the BRIDGE and GALAXY. The 1976-built BRIDGE has already taken over the Brindisi-Valona line temporarily and will continue to operate the route until the 1979-built GALAXY is ready for re-inauguration after her thorough refurbishment in Greece. European Seaways expects her to enter service around 20th January 2017. John Arkoumanis confirmed European Seaways plan to operate the GALAXY year-round on their Brindisi-Valona line. Additionally, the operator also intends to re-enter the Greece-Italy trade next year. "We are in search of a ferry able to meet our needs for the Brindisi-Corfu-Igoumenitsa line for summer 2017", European Seaways' CEO told Shippax.

Despite her rapid re-sale only nine months after the acquisition last March, PRINCE has been a success story for European Seaways. During summer the ship helped raise standards of comfort and speed on the Brindisi-Corfu-Igoumenitsa line, where she was very well received by the travelling public, including numerous Italian passengers spending their vacation in Greece. Also the local tourist industry on the islands of Cephalonia and Zakynthos appreciated the arrival of PRINCE with her weekly connections linking both of these islands to Brindisi. The direct link with Italy has helped Cephalonia and Zakynthos to strengthen their position on the Italian source market. PRINCE's conversion in June, projected by Ath. Kopoukis S.T.A.D. S.A. and involving Vianadecon S.A. as turnkey supplier for all interior modifications, caused attention due to its speed: Within only 30 days PRINCE was fitted among others with 68 new cabins and over 100 Airtype Seats.

At present, the GALAXY (ex. ADRIATICA I) – acquired by European Seaways in early August after a three-year layup at Porto Empedocle – is being refitted alongside at Drapetsona. The work done to her comprises a thorough technical and interior refurbishment as well as a dry-docking, while no structural conversions are planned. GALAXY has already been repainted and decorated with the "europeanseaways.com" legend. She has been registered under Panama flag.GALAXY carries about 984 passengers (including some 460 in cabins) and 277 cars.

European Seaways Inc. have been in business as a ship management company and ferry operator since 1990. The company has founded and is still owned by the Arkoumanis family, who previously operated ferries between Greece and Italy under the brand of Nausimar Ferries from 1987 to 1989.

© Shippax / Frederik Erdmann

Dec 29 2016


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