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Destination Gotland to raise ticket prices with 30 per cent

FerryDue to primarily the sharp increase in price for both LNG and MGO, Destination Gotland will be raising its ticket prices with 30 per cent as of 12 January 2023.

- We have done our utmost to limit the price increase for travelers and freight customers. During the year, we have partially absorbed the increased fuel costs through a gradual change of fuel from natural gas to GasOil. Unfortunately, the cost increases for all fuels have now created a situation where we also need to adjust the ticket prices, says Marcus Risberg, CEO of Destination Gotland.

Natural gas prices started to rise sharply after the summer of 2021 when the price was around 30 EUR/MWh to over 300 EUR/MWh in some periods in 2022. Compared to today's prices (about 130 EUR/MWh), the cost of LNG has increased by over 300 per cent. The same development has taken place on the oil market, where today's prices correspond to an increase of around 170 per cent compared to the summer of last year.

In combination with the increased inflation, Destination Gotland, in accordance with the agreement with the Swedish Transport Administration, has decided to carry out an adjustment of the ticket prices of approximately 30 per cent. The price increase is significant, but in relation to the large cost increase in fuel prices, it is limited.

- It is of course not a pleasant news to have to increase the prices, and I fully understand that many will feel the new ticket prices. This is also why we are introducing an updated dynamic price model for all travelers, which gives flexibility and the opportunity even for Gotland travelers to find different prices depending on when you want to travel and how good foresight you have, says Marcus Risberg, CEO of Destination Gotland.

Dec 01 2022

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