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BALTIC QUEEN with its new propeller blades

BALTIC QUEEN with its new propeller blades

BALTIC QUEEN sees energy efficiency improved by 13% as a result of technical upgrades

FerryTallink Grupp has recently analysed the initial results of the most recent technical upgrade to its Tallinn-Stockholm route vessel BALTIC QUEEN and found that the upgrade has led to a significant 13% increase in energy efficiency (i.e., the amount of fuel needed to travel 1 nautical mile has reduced by 13%) and reduction in emissions in the same amount in the last nine months.

The technical upgrade, carried out during the ship’s regular docking in Naantali, Finland last September, involved the replacement of the vessel’s propeller blades with new innovative ones designed and manufactured by the Swedish subsidiary of global maritime technology experts Kongsberg Maritime, Kongsberg Maritime Sweden AB. The blades were designed specifically for this type of ship, considering the speed ranges required for the ship's operation, enabling to increase the efficiency of the ship's propulsion device in accordance with the ship's operational needs. In addition to reducing the vessel’s fuel consumption and emissions, under water analyses carried out in autumn 2023 also showed reduction of underwater noise generated by the ship.

The results of this technical upgrade, coupled with other technical and operational solutions implemented to reduce BALTIC QUEEN’s environmental impacts, have led to the ship’s Environmental Ship Index (ESI)* now being comparable to those of the company’s newest and most environmentally friendly dual-fuel shuttle vessels MEGASTAR and MYSTAR. With BALTIC QUEEN’s ESI index now exceeding 94 points (maximum is 100 points), this has also led to considerable financial savings for the shipping company, as the Port of Tallinn offers vessels with ESI points exceeding 80 a 14% discount and any vessel exceeding 65 points an 8% tonnage charge discount. All Tallink Grupp’s vessels visiting the Port of Tallinn have an ESI index exceeding well over 65 points, so all receive an environmental discount from the port as a result.

Commenting on Tallink Grupp’s latest environmental success, the company’s Chief Captain and Head of Ship Management, Captain Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik, said:

“We carried out an extensive analysis before the new blades pilot project in close partnership with the blade manufacturers and our main engine manufacturers. Our crew had lots of questions ahead of the upgrade about the ship’s performance and manoeuvring capabilities once the blades were replaced as we had no experience with this kind of technical solution before. However, the support and cooperation with the technology manufacturers was superb, we were able to discuss and consider every possible risk, fine-tune the solution after installation based on our captain’s and crew’s feedback and suggestions, and the result speaks for itself – it definitely exceeds our expectations.

„This project really is a win-win-win for us as it has enabled us to increase efficiencies, reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions, reduce underwater noise and vessel vibration levels, significantly increase the overall comfort levels for passengers travelling in the stern cabins, and, last but not least, achieve considerable cost savings for the company. It has been good for the environment, our customers, and our bottom line. All we need to do now is identify more projects like this.“

Tallink Grupp is now assessing the benefits of similar upgrades to the company’s other vessels and, where possible and beneficial, similar solutions will be considered for other company vessels. At the same time, Tallink Grupp will also continue its search for other new and innovative solutions that will enable it to continuously make its operations more sustainable.

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Jun 28 2024

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