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Winners of the Shippax Awards 2023

The Shippax Awards were launched in 1996 as a means to stimulate innovative solutions and trendsetters. The idea behind it is to promote noteworthy design features on newly-delivered ro-pax and ro-ro vessels.
The announcement and hand-over of the Shippax Awards 2023 took place in conjunction with the Shippax Ferry Conference, held on board CRUISE BARCELONA, 24-26 April 2023.
The awarded ships were all delivered between 1 January 2022 and 31 March 2023.


Shippax Retrofit Award

The SMYRNA DI LEVANTE project constitutes one of the most impressive and successful Ro-Pax conversions seen in the recent past. The operator, the naval architect and the interior designer showed impressive skill and creativity to convert an over 40-year-old vessel originally designed for operation in the Baltic into a state-of-the-art Mediterranean ferry. She is technologically fully at the height of time and offers her passengers a fresh, advanced and inviting onboard experience. A solidly built, but rather dull 1970s ferry.

Ro-Pax tailored primarily to freight operation reappeared from the retrofit as an inspiring Greek ferry of the 21st century. SMYRNA DI LEVANTE illustrates the competency of the Greek 'Maritime Cluster' for such complex retrofit projects, and she at the same time outlines the 'lifecycle management potential' that even Ro-Pax vessels beyond 40 years of age still bear.

This award was presented to:

Kopoukis Naval architects


Shippax Ro-Ro Technology & Environment Award

As the world's largest ice-rated Con-Ro vessel with multi-fuel operation, the BOTNIA ENABLER unites a design tailored to Baltic services with high capacity and an outstanding environmental performance.

Design, size, capacity, efficiency as well as the ability to run on different fuels turn her into a truly remarkable and sustainable Ro-Ro ship.

This award was presented to:

Wallenius SOL
CIMC Raffles


Shippax Ro-Pax Interior Design Award

Tallink's bright and stylish MYSTAR is a prime example of imagination to transform a brief two hours ferry crossing into a truly memorable travel experience catering for very diverse wishes. Whether a passenger looks for relaxation, a quiet space to work, or for an area to spend quality time with the family - MYSTAR caters for all of these and many more needs. With her Promotional Area show-casing consumer brands and the Business Lounge as a beautifully designed sea view office space she introduces innovations which help to lift the Ro-Pax industry's overall image and to win new target groups. Between Tallinn and Helsinki MYSTAR launched an offer that is so rewarding that sailing is without any doubt more time-efficient and attractive than flying - even for business travellers.

This award was presented to:

Rauma Marine Constructions
dSign Vertti Kivi & Co


Shippax Ferry Concept & Efficiency Award

The P&O PIONEER is a truly revolutionary ferry, not only for the Dover-Calais service where she shall be deployed: As the world's largest double-end Ro-Pax vessel built to date, she hallmarks a new era of efficiency for short-distance routes. Special requirements she caters are a combination of huge capacity for passengers, cars and cargo as well as excellent manoeuvrability and optimised access arrangements ensuring a quick turnaround in port. In addition to the double-end layout eliminating the necessity to turn, P&O PIONEER's electric-hybrid propulsion comprising batteries and four ABB Azipods contributes to reduce fuel consumption by about 40 percent compared to a conventional Ro-Pax vessel of the same size. Adding to her sustainability and technologic progressiveness, the P&O PIONEER also offers her passengers a fresh and truly entertaining travel experience.

This award was presented to:

P&O Ferries
Guangzhou Shipyard International
Steen Friis Design


Shippax Fast Ferry Award

After several years without newbuilt fast ferries for the Greek domestic market, the AERO 1 HIGHSPEED contributes a truly innovative approach, uniting sustainability with a so far unknown degree of passenger comfort in the Saronic Islands trade. The aerodynamic and energy-efficient design, complemented by an extremely light construction of carbon fibre, contributes to reduce fuel consumption and air emissions.
AERO 1 HIGHSPEED at the same time has a modern design and innovative features that significantly upgrade the travel experience for passengers. Spacious accommodation, large windows, designated facilities for passengers with reduced mobility and a dedicated area for bicycle transportation are characteristics of a forward-thinking design tailored to the requirements of a rather diverse passenger target audience comprising commuters just as much as tourists.

This award was presented to:

Attica Group
Brødrene Aa


Shippax Ro-Pax Design & Technology Award

Delivered as the world's largest Ro-Pax vessel tailored for LNG operation, NILS HOLGERSSON combines advanced technology with a design comprising the decades-long experience of her operator in service between Continental Europe and Sweden. With her immense capacity, the NILS HOLGERSSON is tailored for efficient cargo transportation, catering also for dangerous goods and units transporting refrigerated cargo. Along with her functionality as a 'workhorse' for cargo, the NILS HOLGERSSON is at the same time a fine passenger vessel, carrying on TT Line's tradition as a quality ferry operator which started back in the 1960s.

This award was presented to:

TT-Line GmbH & Co.
Jinling Shipyard
Ocean Architects


Shippax Ro-Ro Technology & Environment Award

Part of the GG5G-Class, but optimised for Northern European cargo mix requirements, the FINNECO I is one of the most efficient and eco-friendly Ro-Ro vessels worldwide. Compared to previous ship generations applied in the trade, she increased the cargo capacity by almost 40 percent while emissions remained constant. Her hybrid propulsion setup contributes to a 100 percent efficiency increase in terms of consumption per ton of freight transported. The lithium mega-batteries allow for 'zero emissions in port', reducing the environmental impact of shipping in often densely inhabited harbour cities. The application of solar panels to recharge her batteries at sea, her air lubrication system and an exhaust gas cleaning system are further contributions that make FINNECO I a truly 'green' Ro-Ro ship - as also confirmed by RINA with their "Green Plus" class notation.

This award was presented to:

Grimaldi Group
Jinling Shipyard

ANN-SOFIE FORSS - Chartering/Sale & Purchase Manager, Stena RoRo

Shippax Lifetime Achievement Award

Ann-Sofie Forss has devoted much of her professional career to the Ro-Ro and Ro-Pax sectors of shipping. Through her professional excellence, her personal integrity and her outstanding communicative skills she turned into one of the industry's highly respected personalities.
She has devoted her strong engagement not only to Stena as her employer, but also to the interests of the Ro-Ro and ferry industry as a whole. Ann-Sofie's open, outcoming, kind and honest character turned her into a popular face at all kinds of industry gatherings. At the end of her professional career, there are actually few people in the Ro-Ro and ferry business left who do not know her. As one of the industry's first female leadership personalities, Ann-Sofie suits a role model for young executives and for gender equality in passenger shipping. On behalf of the entire Ro-Ro and ferry community, Shippax applauds the outstanding professional performance and achievements of Ann-Sofie Forss.

Apr 28 2023

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