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Winners of the Shippax Award 2021

The Shippax Awards were launched in 1996 as a means to stimulate innovative solutions and trendsetters. The idea behind it is to promote noteworthy design features on newly-delivered ro-pax and ro-ro vessels.

The announcement and hand-over of the Shippax Awards 2021 took place in conjunction with the Shippax Ferry Conference, held on board PEARL SEAWAYS, 31 Aug-2 Sep 2021.

The awarded ships were all delivered between 1 January and 31 December 2020.

And the winners were:


FESTØYA © Remontowa Shipbuilding

FESTØYA © Remontowa Shipbuilding

Shippax Ferry Design Award

Operator: Norled
Shipyard: Remontowa Shipbuilding
Naval architect: LMG Marin and Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting

The design of FESTØYA boasts a wide, slightly elevated and unobstructed vehicle deck with easy ramp-accessible passenger lounges and facilities beneath. The layout makes better use of space and reduces the wind area, an important factor on exposed routes. The double-ender’s slender low-resistance hull form ensures a lower power consumption with vehicle intake maximized, no longer requiring a separate lower car deck.

Servicing the E39 Festøya-Solavågen route, the battery plug-in FESTØYA has a 1,582 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, recharged during the 11-minute turnaround time, guaranteeing zero-emission operations. The backup gensets have the possibility to use biodiesel.


QUEEN JENUVIA © Hyundai Mipo Dockyard

QUEEN JENUVIA © Hyundai Mipo Dockyard

Shippax Ferry Interior Award

Operator: Seaworld Express Ferry
Shipyard: Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD)

QUEEN JENUVIA brings new European-like luxury standards to the domestic South Korean ferry market. The 27,391-gross-ton ro-pax ferry combines a comparatively high freight intake with cruise ferry style amenities never seen before in the South Korean mainland- Jeju trade.

There is an array of food and beverage outlets with the ship's 'pièce de resistance' being the grand staircase with atrium and reception lobby. The 'Agora' functions as a market square and is the ship's beating heart. Throughout, the passenger accommodation is of a very high quality with the top-of-the-range Royal Suite VIP cabin reminiscent of a luxury hotel suite.




Shippax Technology and Design Award

Operator: Rederij Doeksen
Shipyard: Strategic Marine
Naval architect: BMT Nigel Gee
Interior architect and exterior styling: Vripack

Operating in the shallow Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage site, ecological sustainability is at the heart of the design of the 70.65m long by 17m beam catamaran WILLEM BARENTSZ. Powered by two 1,492 kW MTU high-speed LNG engines driving Veth azimuthing thrusters, a 46m³ LNG tank is located in each hull.

As part of the hybrid package, WILLEM BARENTSZ also has an Orcan heat recovery system, converting residual heat into mechanical power which is employed to charge two battery packs driving the bow thrusters. Solar panels supply part of the hotel load while other energy-saving measures include thermopane windows and the use of waste heat for heating of passenger saloons.

Besides being the best-in-class and most fuel-efficient ro-pax ferry ever designed for Wadden Sea service, the compact-sized WILLEM BARENTSZ is a genuine boutique ferry with attractive design elements typical for the area where it operates. Thanks to large picture windows that are wrapped around the Saloon Deck, the main passenger deck merges with the unique sea landscape.


ECO VALENCIA © Manuel Hernandez Lafuente

ECO VALENCIA © Manuel Hernandez Lafuente

Shippax Ro-Ro Technology and Environmental Award

Operator: Grimaldi Lines
Shipyard: Jinling Shipyard
Naval architect: KNUD E. HANSEN

As one of the largest short-sea ro-ro ships in the world, ECO VALENCIA includes many innovative and ground-breaking features to reduce the environmental footprint.
First and foremost, the vessel is a hugely efficient trailer carrier, able to transport up to 500 trailers on 7,800 lanemetres. Hoistable car decks are also provided for an optimum mix of new vehicles and trailers. The decks are inter-connected by a series of fixed and hoistable internal ramps, giving Grimaldi Lines the possibility to efficiently load and discharge ro-ro cargo in a multi-port itinerary.

As the first hybrid ro-ro cargo vessel, a large 5 MWh battery pack forms part of the Kongsberg-supplied hybrid system, allowing the vessel to be emissions-free while manoeuvring or in port.
A hull air lubrication system has been supplied by Silverstream Technologies, proven to reduce fuel consumption by 6 per cent and the crew accommodation deck is covered by a large solar cell array.


SIEM CONFUCIUS © Hannes van Rijn

SIEM CONFUCIUS © Hannes van Rijn

Shippax Deep-Sea Ro-Ro Environmental Award

Operator: Siem Car Carriers
Shipyard: Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry
Naval architect: Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute (SDARI)

SIEM CONFUCIUS is the first deep-sea PCTC equipped with dual fuel engines, designed to operate on LNG. The 199.9m long by 38m beam vessel is equipped with a MAN B&W 7S60 ME-C GI engine with 12,614 kW output, resulting in very economic operation and ultra-low methane slip.

For the maximum possible range, the vessel is equipped with two large 1,800m³ LNG tanks located forward of the main engine room. The 7,500-CEU vessel is chartered to VW Logistics, transporting VW Group vehicles between Emden in Germany, the United States East Coast and Gulf, and Mexico. SIEM CONFUCIUS has pioneered the use of LNG to reduce the carbon and environmental footprint in the automotive logistics chain.

Sep 24 2021

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