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VIKING GLORY © George Giannakis

VIKING GLORY © George Giannakis

VIKING GLORY has in less than a year served one million passengers

FerryOne million passengers have already chosen to experience Viking Line’s new flagship, VIKING GLORY, which began service on the Stockholm-Turku route in March 2022. “Passenger ship traffic with a high level of service is an extremely important part of our city’s attractiveness to tourists,” says the mayor of Turku, Minna Arve.

VIKING GLORY was christened with champagne and sailed from the Port of Turku for the first time in early March 2022 to widespread media attention in front of a large number of interested viewers. During the summer, the vessels VIKING GLORY and VIKING GRACE set an all-time passenger record on the Turku–Mariehamn–Stockholm route. And now, less than one year since its launch, VIKING GLORY has already served one million passengers.  

The millionth passenger, Ulla Haavisto with husband Mikko climbed aboard at the Port of Turku on 31 January. VIKING GLORY’s master, Ulf Lindroos, and intendant, Tuuli Peltonen, surprised her with flowers, a restaurant gift card and a cabin upgrade.

"Lovely, it can't be true? After a long time, we set out on a trip together without children", exclaimed Ulla Haavisto.

Viking Line expects that a total of about two million passengers will travel with Viking Line on the Turku route this year. VIKING GLORY and VIKING GRACE are the only vessels to offer a maritime connection from the Turku city centre to the heart of Stockholm. Historically, the route has been of great importance to the city of Turku, and its importance continues to grow.

“Passenger ship traffic with a high level of service between Turku and Stockholm is an extremely important part of our city’s attractiveness to tourists. Smooth commuter travel by sea is an important competitive factor for businesses in our region. Turku is the capital of the world’s most beautiful archipelago, “says the mayor of Turku, Minna Arve.

VIKING GLORY is Viking Line’s major investment in both a modern cruise experience and some of the world’s most climate-smart technology. The new vessel can carry 2,800 passengers and has 60 per cent more cargo capacity than its predecessor, AMORELLA. At the same time, emissions are reduced significantly. Examples of the vessel’s technological innovations include recovery of waste cooling, LNG engines, air conditioning and lighting that are automatically regulated by the booking situation, an energy-efficient Azipod rudder propulsion system and a hull that reduces wave formation.

“VIKING GLORY is a big draw not just for the Baltic Sea but also for Turku. The vessel has increased the total number of passengers on our Turku route and has inspired new target groups, such as younger adults, to take a cruise. Swedes have also been more active in travelling on the vessel than in previous years. The Turku-Stockholm route is very important to us, which is also indicated by our investments. We are really pleased that one million passengers have already wanted to share in the experience on board GLORY,” says Viking Line’s president and CEO, Jan Hanses.

VIKING GLORY was designed to provide an experience for all the senses. Views of the archipelago literally pour in through the vessel’s large windows. Out on the deck are sunny rooftop terraces, in the cabins lovely specially-engineered mattresses await passengers, and people can visit the spa facilities and also do yoga in the first yoga studio on the Baltic Sea. The vessel concept puts a strong focus on wellbeing and on the opportunity for passengers to design their own travel.

3/2016 - An agreement of intent is signed with the Chinese shipyard XSI.
8/2018 - Construction of the vessel begins in Xiamen.
5/2019 - The new vessel is named VIKING GLORY after the name is chosen in a public vote.
1/2021 - VIKING GLORY is launched.
12/2021 - VIKING GLORY begins its journey home to Turku from China.
1/2022 - The vessel moors in the Port of Turku.
2/2022 - The vessel is christened in the Port of Turku.
3/2022 - VIKING GLORY begins service on the Turku–Mariehamn–Stockholm route.
8/2022 - GLORY sets a new summer record together with its sister vessel, GRACE.
1/2023 - The millionth passenger climbs aboard.

Feb 01 2023

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