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© Ken Oja

© Ken Oja

Tallink Silja Line’s new buffet menu offers a flavourful invitation to the nicest summer picnic at sea

FerryAhead of the peak travelling season, Tallink Silja Line has launched a new buffet menu, featuring the „Summer Picnic“ theme table, available in the Grande Buffet restaurant onboard the company’s cruise vessels operating on the Estonia-Sweden, Finland-Sweden and Estonia-Finland routes. Onboard the company’s shuttle service vessels, operating between Tallinn and Helsinki, the new buffet menu is offered in the Delight Buffet restaurant. The new buffet menu is available onboard the company vessels until 15 April 2025.

From the traditional must-have buffet classics from all around the Baltic Sea region like the extensive fish and seafood selection to completely new and exciting cosmopolitan flavour combinations like the Asian sandwich roll, the menu features altogether 124 dishes, with approximately 30% of the menu being suitable for vegans.

The new buffet menu was created by the culinary teams from the company's vessels SILJA SERENADE, SILJA SYMPHONY and MYSTAR.

Commenting on the new buffet menu, Joonas Maunula, Creative Head Chef of Tallink Grupp's fleet said:

„At the beginning of the creative process for the new buffet menu, we asked our customers for their ultimate buffet dishes they would like to enjoy when cruising at sea. I am pleased to say that those popular votes by our customers are now reflected in our brand-new buffet menu selection, like the expanded selection of seafood and, in compared to the previous vegan selection, the new menu offers more warm plant-based dishes, such as the beetroot lasagne. In in the meat selection, you'll find popular favourites like chicken skewers with mango dressing, beef tartar, dried ham salad with cantaloupe, spicy chicken with peaches and vitello tonnato as part of the new menu."

„Our customers are always at the heart of everything we do, so we are drivent to make their cruising experience even more complete by including their culinary favourites, while adding some new and exciting flavour combinations as well."

„The new menu features flavourful and carefully selected local ingredients, sourced from around the Baltic Sea region: our cheeses come from Estonia, Finland and Sweden. As our perennial favourite from the fish selection, herring and Baltic herring comes from a small village of Röölä, outside of Rymättylä, in the South-Western Finland. It is important to us that the herring we serve meets the highest standards and is MSC-certified, which helps to maintain local fish populations and support local sustainable small producers as well."

Featuring four seasonal theme tables, the ever-popular buffet menu is renewed once a year and offered onboard the company's cruise vessels in the Grande Buffet restaurant. Opening the summer season, the first theme table titled „Summer Picnic" is available until 6 August 2024, featuring an elegant selection of popular picnic favourites which are all about the seasonal freshness and bite-sized treats.

Commenting on the „Summer Picnic" theme table, Sami Leino, author of the theme table selection and Chef de Cuisine of SILJA SERENADE, said:

„Spring and summer are particularly popular for picnics in our Baltic Sea region after a long Nordic winter. I love to go fishing and usually I pack a nice picnic lunch to take along. The picnic food must be easy to eat anywhere, even on a fishing boat. Me and my team have put together the perfect picnic selection with all the scrumptious munchies, including finger food, which particularly the kids enjoy.

„My personal favourites include the BBQ-meatballs, mini hot dogs and strawberry salad. There are plenty of options to choose from to assemble your favourite picnic - various salads, roasted corn, chicken drumsticks, hummus and, of course, mini cupcakes for all the sweet tooths", Leino said.

"The buffet menu is our most popular menu onboard, and we hope that our customers will really love the new buffet menu as much as we do. From salads to warm plant based dishes, from cold meats and fish selection to main course dishes, cheeses and desserts - there is so much to explore and enjoy, again and again. I welcome everyone onboard where the nicest picnic of the season is already waiting! ", Joonas Maunula, Creative Head Chef of Tallink Grupp's fleet said.

Apr 24 2024

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