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Swedes return to Denmark despite weak currency

FerryAfter a period characterized by a weakening Swedish currency, figures now show a return for Swedes to travel to Denmark. In the first quarter of the year, Stena Line can report an increase of 25 percent in the number of Swedish travelers on ferry crossings from Sweden to Denmark.

"We see a clear tendency for our Swedish customers to choose to travel to Denmark again, which is a positive development after a year of uncertainty around exchange rates. At the same time, it also seems that the Swedes are not quite as badly hit financially as many have otherwise believed. Our figures at least confirm that travel is still high on the list for Swedes, regardless of currency fluctuations," says Ulf Staaff, Travel Commercial Manager at Stena Line, and explains that it is not only the Swedes who are crazy. with Denmark.

"It remains clear that Sweden is a favorite destination for Danish travelers. Our booking data reveals sustained growth with an impressive 21 percent increase in the number of Danish visitors to Sweden in the first quarter of 2024. It is fascinating that the enthusiasm for crossing Kattegat continues, and this confirms our expectation that the interest in Swedish experiences is deeply rooted among Danish travelers."

The increases in Swedish travelers to Denmark and vice versa have increased sharply in the first months of the year, and at Easter there are also both a number of Danes who spend the holidays in Sweden and Swedes who celebrate them in Denmark. However, Stena Line cannot yet give completely exact figures for Easter, as over the past year there has been a clear trend where travelers book closer and closer to departure.

"The trend we're seeing right now of people booking closer to the departure date is a phenomenon across the entire travel industry, and it reflects a shift towards more impulsiveness in travel planning and an expectation that good deals can still be had, even at the last minute." moment. At the same time, it also means that it is more difficult for us to predict booking patterns and results, but our mission is to meet developments by being at the forefront of offering flexible options that suit the spontaneous nature of the modern traveller."

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Mar 20 2024

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