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Study on safe bunkering with biofuels

EMSA has published the first part of a study on the safety aspect of bunkering with biofuels, providing a comprehensive analysis of a pre-selection of biofuels in terms of safety aspects like flashpoint, toxicity, and cold-flow properties, among others. The study looks at how those aspects can raise safety concerns during bunkering operations in a preliminary hazard identification.
The study also examines practices in other industries that may be applicable to the maritime sector and reviews the status of development of regulations for maritime use, specifically considering conventional bunkering arrangements.

Forthcoming reports in this series will build on the conclusions of HAZID workshops to draw up a guidance and safety checklists for the bunkering of these fuels, including comparison with conventional fuels.

Download the first part of the Study on the Safe Bunkering with Biofuels (bio-methanol, FT-diesel, DME, HVO and FAME) using the link below.

EMSA Safe Bunkering of Biofuels - Part 1.pdf

Feb 11 2024

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