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Oceanwide Expeditions confirm the Brodosplit newbuilding

Cruise Shippax announced on November 14 that the company behind the Brodosplit newbuilding order probably is Oceanwide Expeditions. Indeed, the Dutch company has confirmed the order of an innovative 180-passenger vessel.

The ship, called the HONDIUS, will be one of few strongest ice-strengthened vessels in the Polar Regions. It will sail in 2019.
Oceanwide Expeditions is offering in-depth expedition cruises, which are more extreme than most of its competitors. The expedition segment of the cruise industry has recently seen an important number of newbuilding orders.  
“We currently sail with our ice-strengthened 116-passenger vessels PLANCIUS and ORTELIUS, and the HONDIUS will give us the opportunity to accommodate more travelers, to grow as a company, and to offer new, innovative products in the Polar regions,” says Oceanwide Expeditions’ CEO, Michel van Gessel.
“The name Hondius follows our custom to name our ships for celebrated Dutch-Flemish cartographers who continue to inspire us as we carry on their passion for exploration and discovery.”
HONDIUS will be rated Polar Class 6, similar to the previous Finnish-Swedish ice-class notation 1A-super.
A speedy zodiac embarkation is guaranteed, with two separate gangways and an indoor platform that can be used for outdoor activities such as kayaking.
While Hondius is at anchor during passenger excursions, it can drift or remain in position with the support of the bow and stern thrusters.
One deck on board is reserved for an observation lounge, with a separate lecture room in order to offer simultaneous or multilingual lectures and presentations.
The vessel size will be 107 meters long and it will be equipped with two main engines for a total of 4,200 kW, generating a speed of 15 knots.
The propulsion system consists of two medium speed main engines and one adjustable pitch propeller. The flexible power management (in combination with a shaft generator instead of a diesel-driven generator) permits the lowest possible fuel consumption and CO2 emission.
Further environmental features include the use of biodegradable lubrication oils; certifiably hazardous-free coating and paint of the vessel; the use of steam for onboard heating; minimal use of electrical heating (for less fuel consumption); LED interior and exterior lighting (reducing power and fuel needs); and waste heat, such as cooling water for the main engines, reused for the production of fresh water. All further existing requirements and restrictions while at sea and in the Polar regions will be strictly followed.    

© Shippax / PR / Mike Louagie

Nov 24 2016

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