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OSCAR WILDE © George Holland

OSCAR WILDE © George Holland

Irish Continental Group half year report

FinanceRevenue for the half year increased by 0.3% to EUR 264.0 million (EUR 263.1 million). In the Ferries Division revenue increased by 7.1% to EUR 179.8 million (EUR 167.9 million). EBITDA for the half year increased by 3.6% to EUR 49.0 million (EUR 47.3 million). EBITDA in the Ferries Division increased to EUR 33.3 million (EUR 29.8 million).

In HY 2023, total cars carried were 229,100, up 7.0% on the same period in HY 2022. Total passenger carryings were 1,091,900, an increase of 22.1% on HY 2022. This increase in carryings reflects the continued return to normal travel patterns which commenced in the prior year and the impact of a three-ship operation on the Dover – Calais route. Passenger revenues increased by 13.8% over HY 2022. Freight carryings in HY 2023 were 348,200 units, an increase of 5.5% over HY 2022. The increase in carryings reflects the impact of increased tonnage on the Dover – Calais route. Freight revenues increased by 2.6% compared with HY 2022

Full report https://icg.ie/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/HY23-ICG-Results-Presentation-FINAL.pdf

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Aug 31 2023

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