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© John Bryant

How much does it cost to travel by ferry in Europe?

Vivanoda, a web platform that enables all travellers to find ferry, bus, train and plane tickets, launched a major study and analysed tens of thousands of ferry fares on hundreds of routes in Europe, as well as crossings to Turkey and the Maghreb countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia), in order to get as exhaustive a picture as possible of ferry ticket prices according to a number of criteria.

Comparison of ferry price indices by country in Europe

Based on the price index, which represents the average price per person to travel 100 km by ferry, Vivanoda identified the most and least expensive countries for ferry crossings.

Ferry price index trends by country in Europe

The 2024 ferry price study was carried out under the same conditions as the 2023 study. This allows them to compare the evolution of the ferry price index.

Only ferry lines that were active in both years are taken into account for the calculation of price trends.

Number of ferry crossings by country

Comparison of ferry fares between European countries

The next part of their study focuses on the comparison of ferry fares between European countries. They analysed ferry fares on international routes, such as those between Italy and Greece, Spain and Morocco, and all ferry routes between two countries, in order to understand how prices vary from one country to another. Domestic crossings (Italy -> Italy or Greece -> Greece, for example) are excluded.

Impact of distance on ferry fares in Europe

Vivanoda wanted to check whether the length of the ferry crossing had an impact on the average price of crossings.

The most expensive ferry crossings in Europe

A closer look at the ferry price index for each of the ferry routes in Europe. In total, they analysed almost 900 routes throughout Europe.

The cheapest ferry crossings in Europe

A look at the ranking of the cheapest ferry routes in Europe by price index. Vivanoda analysed a total of almost 900 routes throughout Europe.

The cheapest destination ports for ferry crossings in Europe

Vivanoda analysed and ranked the ferry ports according to the price index for crossings to each port.

The most expensive ferry destinations in Europe

Vivanoda analysed and ranked the ferry ports according to the price index for crossings to each port.

Comparison of the ferry price index by month of the year

Vivanoda wanted to determine whether ferry prices are seasonal and whether they vary according to the month of the year in which the crossing is made. Many transport companies, such as railways and airlines, vary their prices considerably according to demand, which is often much higher during the summer holidays.

Methodology of the study

To carry out this study, Vivanoda collected almost 150,000 prices for ferry crossings. Some prices included a journey for one person without a vehicle, others for 2 adults and a vehicle. We then standardised these fares to obtain a price per person. Each price was then converted to obtain an index representing the cost per 100 kilometres travelled.

It should be noted that price alone was taken into account in this study, irrespective of the quality of service on board, differences in staff pay, etc. (see the limitations of the study).

Limitations of the study

It is essential to recognise that, like all studies, this analysis of ferry fares in Europe has certain limitations that should be taken into account. These limitations may affect the scope and accuracy of the results obtained.

Firstly, it is important to note that the study is based on available and collected data, which means that there may be variations in the coverage of ferry companies and destinations included. As a result, some players or routes may not be represented in the analysis.

In addition, ferry prices are subject to fluctuation due to factors such as seasonality, demand and special promotions. It is therefore crucial to recognise that prices can change over time and that the results obtained reflect a snapshot in time.

In addition, it is important to note that ferry fares can vary depending on a number of factors, such as economic differences between countries, government subsidy policies on certain routes, the level of quality and service of the companies, exchange rates and the fare policies of each company. These differences may influence the price differentials observed between countries and would probably require in-depth analysis.

Finally, it should be mentioned that ferry fares can vary according to passenger categories and the types of services offered, which can lead to significant price variations.

With these limitations in mind, it is important to interpret the results in a balanced way and to use the findings as a general guide to understanding trends and variations in ferry fares across Europe.

Jun 07 2024

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