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Boreal Sjø and Torghatten Nord awarded contracts for ferry operations

FerryIn March, the ferry connections in Finnmark were put out to tender so that new contracts are in place from 1 January 2026. The offers received have now been evaluated, and contracts have been awarded to Boreal Sjø and Torghatten Nord.

The ferry connections Korsfjord–Nyvoll and Klokkarøya–Kjerringholmen will be operated by electric ferries from 1 January 2026.

- We are happy to bring in more suppliers for the ferry service in Finnmark and look forward to electric ferries also being used in Finnmark. This is a step in the right direction with a view to achieving the climate goals we have for public transport in Finnmark, says Transport Manager in Finnmark, Bjørg Anita Hansen Joki.

From 2026, the following operators will provide ferry services in Finnmark:

Route 500, Hasvik–Øksfjord: Boreal Sjø AS
Route 510, Sør-Tverrfjord–Bergsfjord–Øksfjord: Boreal Sjø AS
Route 520, Tverrfjord–Øksfjord: Boreal Sjø
Route 550, Korsfjord–Nyvoll: Torghatten Nord AS
Route 560, Klokkarøy–Kjerringholmen: Torghatten Nord AS

Today's annual cost for ferry operations in Finnmark is NOK 133 million. Completed tenders show that the county council will receive a cost increase of around NOK 20 million annually for the ferry operation in Finnmark from 2026, the increase in cost is mainly a consequence of the transition to zero-emission ferries in the Korsfjord–Nyvoll and Klokkarøy–Kjerringholmen ferry connections.

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Jun 07 2024

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