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BIRKA STOCKHOLM will be renamed BIRKA GOTLAND © Jukka Huotari

BIRKA STOCKHOLM will be renamed BIRKA GOTLAND © Jukka Huotari

BIRKA GOTLAND will be the Baltic Sea's new pleasure cruise ship

CruiseIn August, Viking Line and Gotlandsbolaget presented a completely new joint investment in cruise traffic between Stockholm, Mariehamn and Visby. Now it is clear that the Baltic Sea's new pleasure cruiser will be called BIRKA GOTLAND. Under the leadership of CEO Susanne Kaarnimo-Knight, BIRKA GOTLAND will offer cruises from the end of March 2024.

Around Easter 2024, the premiere cruise departs from Stockholm to Mariehamn with BIRKA GOTLAND, to also go via Visby on selected departures during the spring and summer. After that, the destinations are gradually expanded during the summer months with several popular destinations such as Härnösand, Ystad, Bornholm and Riga.

-We start from the two most beautiful islands in the Baltic Sea and the love for the sea, the archipelago and the unique local environment. There is a great demand for both shorter and longer cruises in the region. We are extra proud to be able to present the opportunity to go to beautiful Visby during the spring and summer, which gives travelers the chance to discover Gotland at its most beautiful, says Susanne Kaarnimo-Knight, CEO of the new company.

The entertainment on board BIRKA GOTLAND will include several restaurants, shopping, spa and entertainment.

- We offer an attractive alternative for the everyday traveler. We know that many are curious about the onboard experience, and we look forward to presenting the details shortly, says Susanne Kaarnimo-Knight.

The tickets for the cruises with BIRKA GOTLAND go on sale in January 2024. BIRKA GOTLAND has connecting traffic from 78' Swedish locations. The cruises will be sold both via BIRKA GOTLAND's new website as well as Viking Line's and Destination Gotland's channels.

Traffic plan Birka Gotland 2024:
Stockholm-Mariehamn-Stockholm: Daily departures with the exception of the dates below
Stockholm-Mariehamn-Visby-Mariehamn-Stockholm: 31 departures during the period March-August
Stockholm-Mariehamn-Härnösand-Stockholm: 7 departures in May, June and September
Stockholm-Mariehamn-Riga-Stockholm: 4 departures in September and December
Stockholm-Mariehamn-Bornholm-Visby-Stockholm: 3 departures in May and August
Stockholm-Mariehamn-Ystad-Visby-Stockholm: 2 departures in May and August

© Shippax

Dec 05 2023

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