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CAP DE BARBARIA launching © Balearia

CAP DE BARBARIA launching © Balearia

Baleària launched the electric ferry CAP DE BARBARIA

FerryBaleària launched CAP DE BARBARIA, the first electric ferry in Spain on 28 September at the Armon Vigo Shipyard in a ceremony that included also the ship's baptism.

“The launch of a ship is always a very exciting moment, and in this case it is even more special. It is an electric ferry that will mean a new concept of travel between Ibiza and Formentera, more sustainable and eco-efficient, focused on the enjoyment of the journey, and at the same time essential for the supply of goods to Formentera", said the president of Baleària, Adolf Utor. He has also highlighted that this electric ship and prepared to incorporate the use of hydrogen on an experimental basis "will be the most sustainable of the fleet".

Laudelino Alperi, CEO of Astilleros Armon, has expressed his pride in continuing to contribute to Baleària's growth with increasingly innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions, and the excitement of seeing this new avant-garde ship operate. "We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are on the right track, collaborating efficiently among all those involved in the project."

The ferry is scheduled to start linking Ibiza and Formentera in one hour in early summer 2023, with emission-free navigation in the ports, thanks to its electric propulsion. The ship will have an energy storage system, with state-of-the-art lithium batteries that will allow it to have a range of 12 hours in port, as well as a cold ironing connection. The ship's electrical plant will have an intelligent management system to optimize its use at all times and improve its efficiency. During all phases of approach, manoeuvre, mooring and stay in port, the ship will not emit polluting gases into the atmosphere and, therefore, will represent a substantial improvement in air quality compared to the ships currently operating on the route. The ship is 82 meters long and 15.5 meters wide and will be able to navigate at up to 14 knots.

CAP DE BARBARIA will guarantee the supply of essential products to Formentera, since it will replace the shipping company's current cargo ferry. Baleària has taken into account ensuring its operability in any weather condition. The ship's hold, with a cargo capacity of 240 lanemetres, can hold up to 14 trucks. The double-ended design will streamline embarkation and disembarkation operations, while the 360-degree azimuthal electric propulsion will facilitate manoeuvres in port; both elements will compensate for their saved speed. Thanks to this technology and its optimized design carried out by Cotenaval, CAP DE BARBARIA will be the ship with the lowest consumption and emissions in the company's fleet, maintaining the load capacity required by the route.

The fitting out of CAP DE BARBARIA has been carried out by the naval design and fitting out company Oliver Design. Taking advantage of the fact that it is a short route and with good weather, the exterior spaces have been prioritized to emphasize the pleasure of traveling between the two islands, enjoying the natural environment during the crossing. Thus, with a capacity for 390 passengers, on the upper deck there will be a chill out area equipped with designer sofas and hammocks and protected from the sun by tents, with a large bar in the centre. On the main passenger deck there will also be more protected outdoor spaces. In addition, it will include an elevator between the passage areas and the garage, for the convenience of passengers.

The objective of the shipping company is to carry out a pilot experience in the use of green hydrogen, a decarbonized energy in which it is already working on several projects. CAP DE BARBARIA will begin its services as H2 Ready, that is, prepared to install a hydrogen system with a 200 kW cell, a storage capacity that would allow its use for 24 hours and the supply of 30% of the energy required by ship. Baleària intends to take advantage of CAP DE BARBARIA as a testing laboratory for the use of green hydrogen on a small scale. The purpose is to learn about this fuel in a real project and apply this knowledge in the medium term, when a more mature and stable transport and storage system is available than the current compressed hydrogen.

© Shippax

CAP DE BARBARIA render © Balearia

CAP DE BARBARIA render © Balearia

Sep 29 2022

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