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Viking Line brings Korean cuisine to the Baltic Sea

Customer wishes have been answered – M/S Gabriella’s passengers will get a taste of Korean cuisine thanks to the new menu offered by the Bistrotek Pop-up restaurant as of February 2020.

The wishes of passengers on Viking Line’s GABRIELLA have been realised, since the flavours of Korean cuisine will be featured in the new menu of the Bistrotek restaurant. As of 4 February 2020, passengers aboard Viking Line will have the opportunity to taste a menu inspired by the strong flavours and beautiful colours of Korean culinary culture.

‘The intention of our Bistrotek Pop-up restaurant with its changing themes is to offer our customers new and varied culinary experiences. Previously, the restaurant featured Mexican delicacies as well as a theme reflecting memories of Grandma’s place. As you see, our themes are truly diverse’, states Janne Lindholm, Restaurant Manager for Viking Line.

When customers requested Korean cuisine, the personnel of GABRIELLA were immediately inspired to consider all the possibilities it offered. The range of diverse, robust flavours that is characteristic of Korean cuisine enabled for unique combinations of sour, salty, sweet, bitter and spicy. The dishes rely heavily on the use of vegetables and meat prepared without the use of fat.

‘Korean cuisine is very trendy at the moment. It is both healthy and highly flavourful’, explains Lindholm.

Bistrotek’s new menu also provides a great opportunity to learn more about the essential elements of this colourful culinary world. The menu will feature the following delicacies:


In Korea, Kimchi is a national food that is consumed at nearly every meal. On our Bistrotek menu, this cabbage-based side dish is offered as one of the starter options. Kimchi is prepared with fermented cabbage that is flavoured with onion, garlic, ginger and chilli.

Other starters available on the menu include Korean tartar and Crispy chicken.

Bo ssam

One distinctive feature of the Korean culinary culture is community and we wanted to incorporate this into our Bistrotek menu. One of the main dishes, Bo ssam, is a popular dish served at dinner parties or available from street vendors, although, at Bistrotek, the dish is brought right to your table. The dish is comprised of slow-roasted pork wrapped in lettuce leaves and enjoyed alongside a tasty radish salad, ssam sauce and kimchi.

Another main dish option on the menu is Bibimbap, which can be ordered with tofu, salmon or bulgogi. After these delicious dishes, the menu’s pear-cinnamon sorbet is a lovely dessert to top it all off. 


In order to guarantee the complete taste experience, we have naturally also tailored our drink selection to cater to the flavours of our Korean dishes. Korean Soju is a distilled spirit made from rice that Bistrotek has developed into a peach and lime-flavoured aperitif. Additionally, the menu offers special wines and beer that have been specifically chosen to pair well with the Korean flavours.

The Korean menu will be available from the Bistrotek restaurant on Viking Line’s GABRIELLA from 4 February until 2 June 2020. 

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