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StormGeo launches new versions of BVS and NaviUpdate at Nor-Shipping

StormGeo, the leader in weather intelligence, weather routing and fleet performance systems, announced new versions of the best-selling route optimization system, BVS, through the launch of NaviPlanner BVS and NaviUpdate.

NaviPlanner BVS simplifies the process of planning and optimizing a route, obtaining the appropriate charts and creating a voyage plan—without switching between different products. NaviUpdate connects NaviPlanner securely to the ECDIS for direct transfer of routes and charts. This addresses a major challenge in the shipping industry—the lack of connectivity between voyage planning, route optimization solutions and shore-based decision-making that impacts operational and fuel efficiencies.

Svein Kåre Giskegjerde, StormGeo VP of Shipping said, “We are addressing customer feedback to simplify ship-to-shore communication. This increases the amount of optimized routes that are actually sailed, improves visibility and transparency between shore-based operations and vessels, and reduces potential cyber threats.” Giskegjerde continued, “Today, BVS is used at approximately 6,000 vessels. With the added functionality of NaviPlanner BVS and NaviUpdate, StormGeo expects this number to double.”

According to Per-Olof Schroeder, StormGeo CEO, “As a participant in the UN Global Compact for Sustainable Ocean Business, we are working to empower sustainability. Our experts in meteorology, oceanography and our BVS route optimization team aim to optimize our clients’ voyages not just for cost purposes, but also as a benefit to the environment we all work within.” Schroeder added, “In 2018, we provided fuel-efficient weather routing to more than 64,000 voyages. This contributed to a savings of 1 million metric tons of fuel for our customers and an atmospheric reduction of 3 million tons of CO2 as well as 35,000 tons of sulphur.”

Jun 07 2019

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