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Danish reopening positive for Stena Line's passenger traffic

Fewer travel restrictions mean an increase in bookings for Stena Line. The increased booking activity shows that the desire to travel across the Kattegat is still great among both Danes and Swedes.
Stena Line's ferry routes between Denmark and Sweden are both freight and passenger routes, but during the pandemic the focus has been to secure the important goods flows. Now passenger traffic is also starting to fill up on board the two routes again. After the government eased the travel restrictions in the first phase of the reopening of travel activities, Stena Line has experienced an increase in bookings on the passenger side.

“We have looked forward to finally welcoming more travelers on board our two routes between Frederikshavn-Gothenburg and Grenaa-Halmstad. The increase in bookings shows the great interest in traveling by car and ferry - especially between our neighbouring countries. Our ferries have been an important part of tourism and cohesion in the region for almost 60 years, so we are happy that there is wind in the sails again in the Danish-Swedish tourism,”says Elisabeth Lönne, responsible for Stena Line's Danish routes.

Compared to 2020, this month there has been an increase in the number of bookings of 107%. The numbers are not comparable to the time before the corona, but it is a positive development. The increased bookings are mainly guests who go ashore, but the proportion of especially Swedish travellers who take day trips aboard Stena Line's ferries to shop has also increased. Sales of the flexible ticket types in particular have increased from both the Danish and Swedish sides.

"We see a clear need for flexibility. The flexible tickets mean that passengers have the option to reschedule travel plans or cancel shortly before the trip, should the need arise. During the pandemic, we have had a special focus on creating a safe and secure journey for the passengers with special measures on board, and we can see that the guests appreciate it. Our research also shows that tourists prefer to travel by ferry over planes. This is mainly due to the fact that it is possible to bring your own car, and that you can breathe fresh air along the way, ”says Elisabeth Lönne.

Positive view of the summer season

The first phase in the reopening of travel activities led to an increase in Stena Line's bookings on the two Danish routes. Specifically, the shipping company experienced that the Danish traveller’s bookings increased when the Danish government announced that you do not have to be quarantined after the end of the trip if you travel to your own remote holiday home in Sweden. When the second phase takes effect on May 1, Stena Line expects a further increased interest in traveling across the Kattegat. An interest that, according to the shipping company, will only increase in step with the remaining phases of the Danish reopening plan for travel activities.

“The relaxed travel restrictions have previously been shown both quickly and clearly in our bookings. The increase we are already experiencing now, we are convinced, will only increase in the coming months. The summer reservations have increased throughout April and show a solid development in the summer months from both the Danish and Swedish sides. There are clear signs of optimism among the travellers, which gives a positive view of the summer season, ”concludes Elisabeth Lönne.

Safety on board remains a priority, and on Stena Line's ferries, a number of special measures will continue to apply so that passengers can travel safely on board. These measures apply throughout Stena Line's fleet, including all vessels operating between Denmark and Sweden.

Apr 29 2021

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