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Nowhere Networks now offer a complete solution for maritime wireless internet experience

Shipping companies across Nowhere Networks’ footprint have requested the addition of internet services for passengers and crew to the connectivity their vessels already have. Nowhere Networks announced that they can now cater to this demand with an solution that is combining its maritime broadband network with onboard services solutions which both simplifies prioritized internet access for crew and passengers and enables additional revenue for ship operators.

With its new Onboard Services Solution Nowhere Networks takes the next big step. After having revolutionized high speed internet connectivity at sea, it now offers its customers a suite of services tailor-made for the specific needs of a ship operator.

"In the connected world of today passengers on ferries expect to be able to read news, use social media and stream their favourite content. Professional users expect to be able to keep calling and video conferencing. We offer our customers, the ship operators, an easy way to cater to this need and have the ability to manage traffic to prioritize the critical needs of ship and crew”, says Nowhere Networks CEO Asbjörn Frydenlund.

The Onboard Services Solution also contains a so called Captive Portal which enables the ship to provide information and advertisements to passengers, e.g. offers of free and premium services. The Captive Portal allows ship operators to monetize mobile internet access in several ways while still providing a great service and superior user experience.

“There is great demand among our customers for these types of services in combination with the ability to manage the bandwidth used. Without any investments required on the part of our customers our Onboard Services solution provides them with a flexible solution catering to all their internet services needs while also providing them with the possibility of additional revenue”, says Asbjörn Frydenlund.

Mar 09 2023

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