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© Deltamarin

Neptune Lines orders two more 4,200 CEU PCTCs

Ro-roNeptune Lines announced the order for two more PCTC from the same Fujian Mawei shipyard in China, which is building the first two. The 4,200 CEU dual fuel PCTCs are specially designed for the company’s short-sea trades, and these latest two will be delivered in 2027.

The new vessels, under the Genesis Project, are part of a new series that reflects Neptune’s strategy to supplement its fleet over the next decade, increase relevant cargo capacity by 36% from current core fleet vessels, and reduce emissions to remain well ahead of global targets.

The vessels have hybrid energy systems - designed and constructed to use battery installation to supply peak power - and are dual fuelled able to utilize LNG or VLSFO as fuel for reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in a high pressure 2-stroke engine. A controllable pitch propeller with shaft generator and multiple thrusters are utilized for the propulsion and efficient manoeuvring of the vessels. Shore power capability will be installed, able to connect to port grids when available to remove emissions when in port. The design has been developed together with Deltamarin and the vessels will be classed by DNV.

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Feb 02 2024

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