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RUSADIR © Baleària

RUSADIR © Baleària

Baleària 2023 financial results

FinanceBaleària carried 5.2 million passengers (4.77 million), 1.4 million vehicles (1.21 million) and 7.4 million lane metres of cargo (7.04 million) in the 2023 financial year. Turnover reached a record of EUR 652 million (up 15% on the previous year) and EBITDA stood at EUR 117 million (-16%). The results for the financial year amounted to EUR 40 million.

Owning a fleet of 30 ships as well as operating a dozen chartered ships, Baleària offered 25 routes in six different countries. By business area, 59% of the turnover corresponds to the passenger area and 36% to cargo transport. In addition, 75% of the turnover comes from domestic routes, while the remaining 25% is from international connections.

The president of Baleària, Adolfo Utor, explained that the company's main milestones in 2023, in addition to the celebration of its 25th anniversary, were directly related to its commitment to sustainable mobility: the incorporation of two electric-powered ferries and the launch of the MARGARITA SALAS fast ferry. "This commitment to eco-efficiency in the maritime sector allowed us, in 2023, to be the first Spanish shipping company to obtain the prestigious Green Marine Europe label," commented Utor. He also stressed that in 2023, EUR 113 million were invested in construction, acquisition and improvements in the fleet's sustainability and digitalization of key processes, 85% more than in the previous year. It should be remembered that the shipping company is engaged in nine projects involving European funds that promote the transition to clean energy and improve digital connectivity.

"Having overcome the adverse situation of previous years, we have increased the use of natural gas,"  Utor explained, "and this has allowed us to avoid emitting 28,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Thanks to the increase in this energy and other eco-efficiency measures in the fleet, the ratio of tonnes of CO2 emitted per mile decreased by 8%.

In terms of job creation, in the 2023 high season, for the first time ever, the shipping company reached 2,500 workers (10% more than in the previous financial year), representing 62 nationalities. 94% of the company's direct employees in Spain are permanent, reflecting a high level of job stability. In addition, Utor highlighted the fact that the number of women in the workforce grew by 27% and that Baleària has 80 women in leadership positions.

"We have highly skilled and motivated teams, which are the driving force of our company. We are committed to attracting and retaining the best talent by offering them sound professional opportunities," said the shipping company's chairman. Highlights of the measures implemented in 2023 include the new collective fleet agreement with a target-based remuneration system, the flexible pay programme, the work-life balance and flexibility measures introduced on land, and the updating of the equality plan.

Finally, in terms of involvement with society, Utor pointed out that the shipping company's social cash flow was EUR 730 million. He also recalled that 77% of suppliers are local and that the Baleària Foundation has carried out 280 actions in the social, environmental, sporting and cultural spheres. In this latter area, of particular note are the 39 exhibitions by more than 300 artists, which attracted more than 33,000 visitors.

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Mar 08 2024

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